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Firstly, we would like to wish you and your families all the best and we hope that you are remaining healthy and happy in this difficult period.

Throughout this academic year we have been in discussions with alumni from across the BUBC timeline, and with the University’s Department of Development & Alumni Relations to decide on strategies to improve our alumni network. One such way is the development of a website dedicated to the Bath University Boat Club Alumni, and here it is!

This new website is independent from the University of Bath and the Students’ Union, instead being run by and for the alumni of BUBC. We hope that this will act as a platform to spread information useful for alumni, which will in turn help the club itself. The term “BUBC Alumni” encompasses all those who rowed with Bath University Boat Club in their time at the University of Bath, regardless of the time spent rowing or their current engagement in the sport. This includes Meles Boat Club, which since 2003 has acted as the face of the BUBC Alumni, and will continue as the racing arm of the group.

We would like to encourage alumni to ‘subscribe’ to the website through the form in the “contact us” section. This will mean that you will be automatically notified regarding news and events updates. Several members of the BUBC Alumni as well as the Chairman of BUBC will have access to write news articles on topics from racing reports, to fundraising campaigns, to the next BUBC event!

Please take some time to explore this website and get in touch with us if you have any thoughts on how it could be improved.

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