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Making a regular donation via Direct Debit

Donations made via Direct Debit can be set up through the University of Bath Alumni Fund online. These donations make a huge difference to the running of BUBC, alleviating many of the expenditures the Club faces annually, and reducing the financial burden on members. Surplus funds go towards new equipment purchases such as boats and blades, or are funnelled into major campaigns by the Club.

To set up a regular donation:

  1. Click here to access the regular donation section of the Alumni Fund website.

  2. Select the amount you wish to donate or select the "other" option and type the amount.

  3. When asked where to direct your donation, open the drop down menu and select "other". Type "BUBC".

  4. Select the desired frequency of your donation.

  5. If you are eligible, tick the Gift Aid declaration to add 25% onto your donation.

  6. Fill in the personal and payment information.

  7. Once all your information is put in, click "donate now"!

Thank you for your support!
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