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Making a one-off donation to BUBC

One-off donations can be set up through the University of Bath Alumni Fund online. These donations go towards specific fundraising projects which are announced in the News section. When there is no ongoing fundraising project, get in touch to discuss how your donation can be spent by the Club. We encourage alumni to first set up a regular donation to help with the ongoing development of BUBC. 

To make a one-off donation:

  1. Go to this website.

  2. Click the amount you wish to donate or click "other" and insert the amount.

  3. When asked where to direct your donation, open the drop down menu and select "other". Type "BUBC"

  4. If you are eligible, tick the Gift Aid declaration to add 25% to your donation.

  5. Click "continue".

  6. Fill in your personal and payment information.

  7. Click "checkout" to complete your donation.

Thank you for your support!
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