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BUBC History
BUBC Coxed 4 from 1973
Members of BUBC rowing in the 1970s

BUBC was created in 1967, one year after the University of Bath. At that point the club rowed from Avon County Rowing Club in Saltford, training and competing in joint crews.

The club then moved to in Bradford-on-Avon, where it stored its one boat, a coxed four named Dan Hardwick, and borrowing other boats from the local club.

In 1988, BUBC first joined Minerva Bath Rowing Club, at their boathouse in Bathampton. The two clubs even jointly bought a new boat, named The Jolly Roger.

Throughout 1990s BUBC grew, winning more races in the BUSA Regatta (now BUCS), and the club's first appearance at Henley Royal Regatta came in the Britannia Challenge Cup in 1991. A new Director of Sport for the University, Ged Roddy supported the club through boat purchases and himself coaching. During this period the University changed its sporting colours from black and yellow to blue and yellow, reflecting the University crest.

In 1997, the club moved back to Avon County, where it stayed until 2002 when the club rejoined Minerva. Both clubs then moved to Newbridge in 2005, where they remain to this day. Since then, two new boathouses have been built, and a third is on the way...

Investment by the University of Bath Alumni Fund and the Students' Union between 2015-18 saw several racing shells bought to support BUBC's top crews, making an impact at BUCS, Henley and many other competitions.

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Take a look at the BUBC Henley Honours, past Chairs of BUBC, and the Hall of Fame, where those who have led the way for BUBC are named.

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