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Donations from alumni make a huge difference to BUBC, allowing the club to purchase new boats and other equipment, making the club more competitive as well as increasing the club's capacity.

All donations are made through the University of Bath Alumni Fund. Donations which are specified for "boat club" or "rowing" (or similar), will be ringfenced, and will not be distributed elsewhere by the University.


Donations are held by the Department of Development & Alumni Relations and are sent to the BUBC account via the Students' Union. The University of Bath is registered for Gift Aid, which allows UK taxpayers to add 25% onto any donation made.

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Direct Debits

The BUBC Alumni are aiming to focus efforts on improving the numbers of alumni making regular donations to BUBC, which will provide long term support to the club's ongoing activities. For more information on setting up a Direct Debit, click here.

Recent Graduates

If you graduated from the University in the last few years and would like to support the boat club, click here for our suggested steps.

One-off donations

If you already make a regular donation and would like to make a one-off donation, click here for information on how to do so.

Click here to check out our new donations policy to see how the club may use donations and other useful information for prospective donors.

Thank you for your support!

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