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Henley Highlights #6

Now less than week until the start of HRR 2020, we continue this series with the quads of 2015!

"In arguably one of the best seasons for BUBC’s men’s squads 9 Bath athletes qualified for the Prince of Wales, more than any other club. The senior men’s squad had come off the back of winning champ 4x gold and silver at BUCS Head and Regatta respectively, and the IM3 pennant at HORR, the choice was between an eight or two Quads. A mediocre performance at Met Regatta in the 8+ settled the score and two quads formed.

The A quad had a good run up to the regatta winning elite quads at Reading Am and senior quads at Marlow before qualifying. The A quad saw off a tidy outfit from Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club (GER) in a close race on day 2 before losing to Leander Club and Oxford Brookes on day 3.

The B quad had strong performances at Marlow Regatta only losing to the A quad. It was a tough field in the POW that year and the odds were against them for qualifying but great steering and a heroic effort saw them qualify in what only could have been the narrowest of margins. The B quad drew the eventual winners Leander A on day 2.

Frazier Christie raced in his GB U23 line up beating London Rowing Club on day 2, Molesey Boat Club & Tideway Scullers on day 3, before losing to Leander Club A in the semi-finals.

Bath University ‘A’

S: Ben Jackson

3: Nick Bell

2: Alex Wilding

B: Tom Mapp

Bath University ‘B’

S: Luke Gwenter

3: Alex Clarke

2: Pete Curran

B: Harry Shimmin


Frazier Christie"

Tom Mapp, Class of 2017

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