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Henley Highlights #5

Next up the two crews that competed in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup in 2011! Thanks Phil Gray for the write up.

"The two crews had raced together in the eight that year at HORR and then BUCS. Encouraging performances in the fours at BUCS and due to half the athletes being on World Class Start it was decided to enter two fours in the Prince Albert for Henley Royal.

Both progressed well during the summer with good performances at Marlow regatta showing they were in the mix and getting one crew pre-qualified. Both crews progressed through the heats with good wins but sadly lost out narrowly in the quarter finals to the two finalists.

This ended a good year for the men with the overall win at Bristol Uni Head, the club's highest HORR finish up to that point (beaten since), and BUCS Champ eight final, some of the other highlights.

'A' crew

C: Judith Rice

B: Will Stride

2: Alex Livingston

3: Nick McMullan

S: Jack Cadman

'B' crew

C: Chris Helliwell

B: Sean Bathe-Taylor

2: Ali Gregory

3: Rob Ashburner

S: Flo Cointet"

- Phil Gray, Class of 2011

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