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Welcome to the BUBC Alumni

A year after the University of Bath was founded in 1966, Bath University Boat Club was formed, and has grown ever since to become one of the University's largest sports clubs. Now commonly referred to as "CrewBath" the club offers the opportunity to row to all students at the University of Bath, with members ranging from those who have never rowed, to athletes aspiring to compete at the Olympic Games.

We are committed to supporting the current members of BUBC through donations, and helping to connect the alumni of BUBC through events, and racing opportunities through Meles Boat Club.

The BUBC Alumni work closely with current members of BUBC to ensure the support goes where it is most needed. Please see the fundraising section for more information on how to give back to BUBC. Click here to read about the current BUBC fundraising campaign.

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Our Mission

To further the rowing experience for those studying at the University of Bath, and those who enjoyed rowing with BUBC in the past, through:

  • The organisation and promotion of events for alumni.

  • The facilitation of competitive rowing for groups of alumni.

  • Donations to BUBC to aid in club development.


No upcoming events at the moment
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